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I recently read that from the inception of the blog, one of the best metrics of this communication medium is the community they generate.

To a degree I have experienced that, too. It’s always interesting to read and offer feedback to an article I’ve read around the net, interacting with the others who have done the same. (Note: Sometimes “interesting” doesn’t quite cover the experience, does it?)

Even here at, it’s always interesting to hear stories sharing similar opinions or thoughts to what I reveal here from the inner workings of my cranium, as well as to hear differing opinions or questions.

Conversation is good. Especially when there is no agenda, just honest discussion of thoughts and opinions.

To that end, I’d like to invite you to jump in. I feel the nudge to start devoting time to writing out the things I’ve only been drafting for a while. (Do you realize there are a full eight-five, sad, forlorn draft posts waiting for me to give them figurative breath?)

I do not plan to check the stats to see how many people have viewed the various (though that can be interesting, too), nor will I check back to see if the post was “Liked” on Facebook or “Tweeted” on Twitter, etc. (Though that, too, can be interesting to monitor… apparently some of my more “Like”-able content has been this and this.)

What I do hope is that you’ll join in. There is a community of folks whom I hear from regarding these various and sundry ramblings posted to the hallowed … halls? of I’d like to encourage you to take a moment or two of your day and respond to the postings, and perhaps begin a conversation with other readers that way.

I will continue to publish my thoughts here, whether you are able to chime in, or not. Do you also know that this August will be the 10th anniversary of this blog. Nearly three quarters of a million words published (plus three books published from the writings first published here) … and several interactions along the way, too.

Let’s make it more.

I’m glad you’re here. I hope to hear from you more soon.


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