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I keep trying to think of people who could benefit from this… I figured I might try posting this here.

Here’s the deal. We have a cell phone. We don’t use it. We used to. But now we don’t. Our cell plan ($39.99/mo) gives us 450 daytime minutes, the balance of which “rolls over” to the next month for 12 months or until depleted. That’s a good deal, if you need to use a cell phone.

We don’t.

SO, we were going to just cancel our contract with Cingular, until we found out we could transfer that contract — INCLUDING the close to 3000 daytime minutes we now have built up!! Awesome!

Problem is, everyone we know has a cell phone. Or, if they don’t (Steve…) they don’t want one.

Do you? Or do you know someone? Once you assume our contract (which has maybe most of a year left on it) you would pay the $56-60/month (after fees and stuff) to have 450 daytime min/mo PLUS our bank of 3000 minutes. There is an $18 transfer fee, and you get to pick whatever number you want for the account – you won’t need to keep our cell number.

SO… if you’re interested, just e-mail me.

Here’s a link to an unsuccessful **CLOSED** auction for this on eBay. We did have a last minute buyer, but he was from India… and I never heard from him. Oh well.

eBay: Cingular Wireless **ACCOUNT** in Good Standing

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