Steven Curtis Chapman

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Steven Curtis Chapman VideosSome of you may know that I hold Steven Curtis Champan – and particularly his music – in high regard. More than that, there’s definitely some strange connection I have with him. When I hear his stuff, I just completely identify with it. Those aren’t the right words. I can’t really explain it. It’s almost like we’re song-writing brothers or something. Twins even. When I hear his stuff, I can hear beyond the lyrics and music… I can hear how he wrote it. And, on top of that, nearly every time I hear his stuff, I either feel like writing a song, write a part of a song, or actually write a whole song.

Yes… it’s kinda weird.

Perhaps someday I will meet him, and we will collaborate on some musical project. That seems far-fetched from my current vantage point, but there’s definitely something strange there…

Strange is cool.

Well anyway… I found out that he has a new album coming out soon, and he’s doing a tour to promote that, among other things. A good friend of ours has been to a few (I think) of his shows and is just blown away by them. Not only the music, but just every part of it. What he says, how it’s said, and the music is powerful, too! 🙂

Tonight I was visiting his website and found a pretty fun feature. It’s not unique to him. The internet has brought the “famous people” a lot closer to us “regular folk”. (In fact, some of you reading this right now might think I’m famous… so it has also made us “regular folk” appear “famous”. Fascinating… It is indeed the great equalizer. Well, on his website you can view some amateur-ish videos of him in his home studio, teaching us his songs. 🙂 It was cool to get a preview of the new songs, and just fun to have him teach it to me 🙂 (He even told us the guitar tuning… just for fun.)

So, click the photo or link above and go check it out. And, if you get a chance to see him in person, I hear it’s phenomenal.

And I hope to get his new album, This Moment, as soon as it is available! 🙂


  1. Yes, his shows are fantastic! I really like him to, he seems to be a very down-to-earth kinda guy, the kinda guy you just…hang out with 🙂 …
    plus he’s got that cute southern accent! 😉


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