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i am so totally bummed


i can not even explain it

writing a song to me is probably a lot like childbirth. (sorry to offend you mom’s out there… i do have less physical pain… usually)

the ideas form, take shape, grow, kick around, and finally emerge a new creation – almost a new life.

and i love each one. each one is different. each one is a piece of me.

well… i just wrote one, called Temporary right here on my blog….

and i lost it.

it feels a bit like i lost a child. (i don’t mean to trivialize that… i am serious… i suppose it’s hard to understand if you are not a song writer)

even worse – the song was in some way intended as a gift.

i read my friend joe’s blog from last night (if your frame of reference was this blog, you might think that joe is quite a world-famous dude…)

his sister-in-law died last night. his wife’s brother’s wife.

not supposed to happen that way. opened my eyes again to the temporary-ness of this life.

and to how lucky i was to wake up next to my wife today

boy am i sad

for deb’s family (that’s famous joe’s wife)

and that i lost that song (which may have been somewhat healing for them?)


(this is where joe might swear…)

(just had to get joe in there one more time…)


Well… perhaps another time.

I did happen to copy the chorus… here’s that:

Can I get it into my head

Without the pain of death

The only things that matter at all

Are made in the image of you

Given the privlege to do

Life in you

I’ll see what happens when i re-visit the piano tonight.

Had a good concert tonight. Lots of folks there. Good kingdom presence in the middle of a Mormon town. (We live in Palmyra, NY – birthplace of mormonism… mormons there tonight…. that was good.) This little light of mine… I’m gonna let it shine…

I think Jesus was honored tonight.

That’s good.

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