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Well, you know what… it was overall a good day. Started out crazy again as some friends of ours were having a rough time dealing with some pretty serious illness in their little 1 yr old daughter… she is on the mend… and so are they. I got to make dinner for them tonight… was very cool to be able to help them like that. Happened to be a day I could do that. I love to help people.

Also got to see the Bills play tonight. They showed the home preseason games for the first time this year, so I think we got to see ALL four Bills preseason games this year! Awesome! Now, if we were only less busy during the regular season… 🙂 (I think the first game we’ll see for sure will be on November 30th…. that is my birthday, so I guess that’s pretty cool…)

But, the other thing that was just sorta disturbing today was just feeling like I’m not getting through to my kids. It was just one of those days where both of our boys were doing everything exactly the way we tell them NOT to do it. Disrespecting us, and their stuff, and bad attitudes and defiance and… you name it. And I just kept wanting them to leave. I was just over the edge… didn’t want to deal with little boys (especially ones in the condition they were in…) But I was reminded over and over again how much I really love them. Really. Everytime I was mad at them, I thought about our friends who were just going through that awful dreadful time of not even knowing if their little girl was going to live. And all their disobedience seemed less annoying. I am thankful for the two (no.. three) lives that God has given me to steer toward life in Him. I sure hope I can do it. I know God will help me. And that does give me a bit of peace. Just hope I don’t mess it up…

Well, told ya this would be random and wandering stuff from greg’s head…


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