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I have been blessed in this life to have never owned a "PC" (I say that in quotes because in fact I have owned PLENTY of personal computers… but somehow Bill Gates and his nasty Microsoft Windows people get to call their machines PCs (personal computers) as though it were a name brand… like Kleenex or something…) I do not say that in jest… I am the proud owner of 8 Apple Computers. (Well, one we have given to my in-laws so they too can know the joy of being a Mac User…)

BUT, though that is completely true… MAN are they frustrating!!! 🙂

I have gotten into tinkering with the insides of computers, and there’s more there than meets the eye. One little switch or thingie out of place or whatever and the whole thing is messed up! So… takes lots of time, lots of trial and error… oh yeah, cause the local Mac techies want $100/hour to LOOK at my stuff…

Makes me think I should get into doing THAT…


Anyway… I finally fixed that old Performa tonight… and now Alex had his very own computer. Very nice. BUT, when I was swapping Hard Drives between the new G3 we got and the old 6500 that I am giving to Jen’s folks… well… it didn’t work. 🙂 I got the one in the 6500 OK, and am formatting that now… but I somehow managed to mess up the monitor for the G3.

It’s one of those all-in-one units where the monitor is part of the computer… so, don’t know if I messed up a connection, or perhaps it was the part when it fell backwards on the table with a pretty loud thud? 🙂

Oh, bother. (As Pooh would say…)

Well, I’ll keep you updated… just wanted to get back in the habit of posting here.

I head to the dentist tomorrow. Ask God to make that all go OK… I like Dr. Muscarella… just don’t much care for anyone doing things that dentists do in MY mouth…


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