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Sometimes, we face decisions.

I could go to bed right now, or I could write this blog. I could have some cake and hot tea, or I could have more spaghetti. I could clean up tonight or, wait until morning.

Decisions are certainly part of every day. Most are small. Some seem increasingly more significant. Often, they are not really that much more significant, they just feel that way at the time you are deciding.

I was chatting with a few guys after the concert tonight about the patience that some people show in affliction. Watchman Nee tried every way he knew to live a life of full-abandon faith in God. As he did, he ended up spending 20 years in jail. That’s a lot. But I guess he endured it – waiting on God. That reminds me of Joseph, wrongly accused, imprisoned for decades and all happened according to God’s perfect timing. David had every right to kill Saul, but chose to let God do the avenging. For again, dozens of years.

What’s the deal? When do we decide to wait, and let God work, and when is it time to make a decision?

That’s what I am dealing with at the moment. You never really know how “big” a daily decision is going to be, because they so often feel much larger than they actually are (you see that once you are past it). Some of the decisions I am facing seem fairly large to me now, but, as time goes on, it may prove to be a silly blog topic. 🙂

So, I’ll let you know how my little big tiny major decision makings go.

Till then…

Go Bills!

(No decision there! Bills ROCK!) 🙂

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