House Concerts

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Tonight we helped host a house concert.

I say we helped because, technically, it was in the house we are staying at. So not only were we “the entertainment”, but we helped get the house ready for company! 🙂

I love doing that, by the way. It is one of my favorite things to do! To prepare “my” home for people, to make them feel welcome, to serve with great food and stuffs prepared in advance for folks. So that was definitely fun for me.

Then when the concert began, we had a house packed full of people — including kids we were up around 40 people I’d say! It was fairly informal, and a cool place to sing and talk about the Kingdom with other believers. Very cool. I think we even had a couple of folks who were not believers, so that was also quite cool.

It was awesome! Just thought I would share. We get to do another tomorrow night. Unfortunately that one is an hour away! But, I imagine it will still be a fun evening.

It’s such a cool way to do a concert! Let us know when we can come to YOUR house!! e-mail


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