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I really can’t believe how much game playing there is in life.

Really. From early in our life, we are prone to making life a game. Sometimes that’s ok. Games are fun. But not when you make life a contest with everyone else to see if you can gain the upperhand.

For example, watching the Republican National Convention, all the commentators on the various news channels are trying to say why each speaker is saying what they are saying, and even why they specifically were chosen and why they are speaking on that particular night in that particular order. It’s maddening! They are just living life. They are not making every move as part of some overall scheme for some grander purpose!

And it obviously does not stop there. Everywhere in life you see it. People play games with their employment… doing and saying the right things to either fit in or to achieve your career goals. Every move is measured by what its effect on your life will be.

People play games in relationships. Big time. From early on in life actually. So and so likes you. You should do this… You should say that… Don’t say that, cause he’ll think this… or, what will she think if I do this…


It makes me so sad to see people assuming that everyone else is scheming. I am not scheming. Not at all. I am just trying to go through life learning from Jesus and treating everyone else like he treats me. I will not try and best you. I will not try and hide anything from you. I want to be open and real and NOT PLAY GAMES.

I hope that’s you too. It’s so much better that way. Less hurt for you and the other pieces in your game. And that’s just it. People are not objects to be played. People are made in the image of God and therefore due the respect we would show God himself. (That may be too strong, but perhaps not?)

Live free. Don’t play games. Pray for those who do.

Save the gaming for the next board game night. 🙂

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