I Can’t Get No… Sa-tis-fac-tion

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I was just singing a little tune to myself in the shower, and it made me think… and I thought perhaps it would make you think as well.

I was singing the song we’re doing at The Summit tonight – Better Is One Day (M. Redman) – a song that I have sung a million times I should think. And then I sang these words:

"For here my heart is satisfied… within your presence…"

And I went on… but only a bit, cause I was stopped by that word. Satistfied. ‘Isn’t that just it?’ I thought. Isn’t that the root of much of our sin? Dissatisfaction? Distrust. Impatience.

Greed, lust, stealing, lying, cheating, selfish ambition — mainly are rooted in NOT being satisfied. Not being content. You want more – and you want it your way. Essentially we think that we know better. We are not content to wait for God’s provision – God’s timing… God’s way.

So – instead of humming the Stones’ tune … let’s allow the Matt Redman song (from Psalm 84, by the way) fill your mind and heart and then heed these other words of Scripture:

Be still and know that I am God.

He calls the shots. All we have to do is follow. And we will be satisfied.

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