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So, I was at the post office today… waiting in a rather long line, and I got to observe something from a different perspective. The lady I was directly behind finally got to the counter, and she is in the process of moving and was getting mail sent to the wrong place and needed a piece of mail TODAY! The PO worker kept telling the frustrated customer that the mail she was looking for wouldn’t really be available till tomorrow morning… it MIGHT be after 4:30 today, but they close at 5pm. So, they went back and forth a couple times saying the same thing… Until the aggrivated customer finally came up with a plan to satisfy her sense of urgency.

And I just thought.. how silly. She could just wait till tomorrow morning. Then I thought… oh wait… I’ve been there before 🙂 I have been in a spot where I was pretty sure I needed something NOW… and wasn’t willing to wait even a DAY.

How silly of me. 🙂 Hopefully next time this outside perspective I got today can help me see a little bit bigger picture … and I can have just a little bit less urgency (and the folks in line behind me won’t have to say, "How silly…")

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