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I am quite emotional these days.

Whether it’s from the hurt of losing a baby so hoped for, or the overwhelming reality of God’s love and care for me, or the joy of being part of the family God has given me… all of these things have brought tears to my eyes on several occasions over the past several days.

Today, I was overwhelmed again.

Some of you reading this may know the situation with our health insurance, but for the benefit of those who do not, I will summarize here briefly.

In May of this year, we received a bill for $0.00 from our health insurance provider. I thought that odd, so I called in and verified that amount. Indeed, we were paid through July. So, the subsequent month’s bill was also for $0.00. The following month was slightly paid, so our bill was only about half. We paid that in a quite timely fashion.

Then, unbeknownst to us at the time, we did not receive a bill for either August or September. We were made aware of that when we received a bill for 3 months worth of premium due IMMEDIATELY in early October. Well, obviously I called and tried to figure out what was going on there. We arranged a payment plan to satisfy our insurer and that we could financially bear.

Problem solved. Or, so I thought… 🙂

We were alerted to an issue with insurance when we were at the hospital in Arkansas. I told them I was aware of it, and it should be just fine. Then when we got to the doctor (where we found out we had lost our baby) we were told that our account was canceled! That was quite a shock, but I figured with a little investigation, we’d have no issue.

Boy, was I wrong!

Our bank had mailed the payment (as they have all year) by Oct 26. Plenty of time to get to our insurer. Apparently, it did not arrive. The check had not been cashed, said my bank. So, we arranged to send out another payment. In the mean time, the insurer was like a stone wall saying there was no way that our account could EVER be reinstated. Thank you. Good bye.

All of this was happening WHILE Jen was in surgery.

So, it was the weekend, and I could do nothing anyway, but first thing this morning (our morning) I was trying to gain my composure so that I could talk with this folks and see if we could get someone to understand what happened here.

And now… the REST of the story…

I called in to the bank, to verify that the money was there, then phoned the insurance company. The first person I spoke with was Kennedy. I explained the whole story to him, and he said I would have to talk with a supervisor. No problem… I expected as much.

What I didn’t expect was getting the SAME supervisor who had “helped” me on Friday. She was quite rude and harsh. I told her I had called back to speak with someone re: this situation again, and we could try again, or she may want to get someone else. She said, “I’ll get someone else…”

So, Virginia answers the phone.

I had asked God to help me be completely humble and gentle and patient and as rational as I could be… as anger had not worked last time.

In my calmest voice, and most humble heart I could project through telephone wires, I explained our story. I told her that all of this was on top of losing a baby. I told her we don’t really have a lot of money, so insurance is obviously a helpful thing.

She listened. Really, and with compassion that I could feel through the aforementioned phone lines. But, she said that the plan we are on is VERY strict, so she could not promise anything.

I was on hold for probably about 5 minutes. Perhaps less. During that time, I really, finally, and completely felt peace. We owe thousands of dollars in new medical bills (on top of our already enormous debt), but I had full confidence that with or without insurance, God would take care of that. And, I knew that God would take care of injustice. I told God that whatever Virginia tells me, I will accept. (Which was not my story last time I was talking to these folks!) So, since I had no part in it anymore, I had peace.

I decided to look up the proverb for today. (Proverbs has 31 chapters, so you can read a chapter per day based on the day’s date) I was amazed yet again at the verse I found.

“A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” (Pro 15:1)

A wave of emotion overcame me there, as it felt like God was confirming that I was choosing the best way. His truth was present in me. Does that sound weird? It does to me, but that’s how it felt. It was real. Truth was verified. Truth was with me. That’s not so weird when you remember Jesus said “I am the… Truth”.

Virginia came back on the line, and I braced myself for the final verdict. Good or bad, I was going to calmly accept it and trust God with the rest. That’s what I told myself, at least.

She said, “Mr. Campbell? Thanks for waiting… I just wanted to let you know that… your account has been reinstated!” You could even hear the excitement in her voice when she told me.

I was again in awe of God’s provision. We shared a few more words. I explained to her a little bit of what we are doing out here. I told her to expect the account to be paid up by week’s end. I could not convey strongly enough the gratitude that I felt. Which is slightly odd as I didn’t really do anything to earn this treatment, but it felt then like they had granted me the most favor I have received since Jesus’ grace.

Really, the thing God showed me here again was that life works best when we trust him. My heart had peace before the decision. Because I trusted him. The decision to reinstate our account (which was against the better judgment of a number of others I had previously spoken with) was an overwhelming bonus to the peace of trusting our Father to take care of us.

I don’t know what God was trying to teach me through this whole thing. From the Proverb I read, I thought perhaps he was giving me a very vivid example of his truth. I asked Virginia to please pass on an apology for me to the other supervisor I had spoken harshly to. I figured that part or most of her rudeness to me was instigated by my frustration and anger errantly aimed at her.

Perhaps it is part of the continuing journey of God building our trust in Him more than anything else we could ever place our trust in? Perhaps God wanted to remind us that He is our Insurance Provider? Perhaps He wanted to give Virginia an opportunity to stretch the institutional rules to love a fellow human being? Perhaps someone else whom she had to convince?

We can not know what God is doing with the stuff that happens all around us. But we can know that he does not let hurt go to waste. He will use it to allow people to see Him more clearly (his love, his grace, his provision, his caring, his justice, his … lots of stuff!) But he does work all things together for good for those who love him.

Boy do I love Him.

I am constantly reminded, with all of the amazing stuff that he has given me, the amazing people he has surrounded me with…

What do I have but Him?

None of his blessings really matter without the Blesser.

I am so glad he loves me. I am so glad he teaches me everyday more about himself and his kingdom. I hope you are walking with him today too, knowing the Way, the Truth and the Life deeply.

And now you know… the REST of the story. 🙂

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