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Do you remember reading books as a kid, and wondering what in the world the word “hiccoughs” was? I do! I thought, “What is a hicCOUGH? I know hicCUPS… not hicCOUGHs.”

Well, however you spell it, I have an interesting ability.

First, a brief background. My Dad is the king of the hiccup (we’ll go with that spelling for now…) The rest of our family always thought he would probably die someday from a hiccup. That’s how bad ONE of his hiccups is.

So, occasionally, when I get the hiccups, I have a version somewhat like my Dad’s, though not nearly as violent. Well, tonight I have had them TWICE. That a lot for me. And, let me tell you… they are QUITE annoying! 🙂 (Not to mention slightly painful.)

Well, Jen does not believe that I can do this, but I am pretty sure I can “will” the hiccups away. Really! I think I do. When I have the hiccups and I don’t do anything to get rid of them, the persist. BUT, if I just stop what I am doing, and sometimes hold the sides of my head with my hands, and take very long, slow, determined breaths, while focusing my mind on the midsection of my body – relaxing, and controlling my muscles there… they stop! Within 10 seconds… they are completely gone.

You all probably think I am a complete wacko now, but… it’s the truth, and I thought I would share my very odd ability with the world.

Hiccoughs, be gone!



  1. Yes, I do think you are completely wacko but not because of your ability to “will” hiccups away.

    While your “will” may have something to do with it, I think the fact that you relax, take slow breaths and control your breathing has more to do with making your hiccups go away.

    Though I tend to think I invented or wrote everything I read, so you’re free to think what you want.


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