The Mac Mini

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You heard it here, as soon as it was made public… the new Apple computer that fits in the palms of your hands, and weighs a ridiculous 2 pounds… is creating quite a buzz. Lots of talk amongst computer folk on the internet about this little power-packed ‘puter. (As Alex likes to refer to them… why add that extra syllable??) 🙂

I was talking with my sister last night about getting one. They have a GateWay? PC that just won’t do anything for them. Has had a lot of issues since they purchased it. SO, they have a nice monitor, and keyboard and mouse… I said, just get a Mini. I think they’re going to check it out. Once they do, I think they’ll see how much they are getting for their money. It’s way more than just a competitive price… it’s An APPLE. No viruses. No spyware. Superior software. SO easy to use. Operating system that never crashes.

Need I say more?

Well, one quote for today, from This is how they describe the Mac Mini…

“As we’ve said before, to really understand the Mac mini, think of it as a $499 software and operating system bundle that is unprecedented in personal computing history that also comes with a free Macintosh computer.”

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