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I was thinking this morning about death. Not sure why. Actually, I think I was thinking about the future for some reason… when I would be in my 50s, 60s, even 70s. And all of the interesting parts of life that might inhabit that season of life.

And then I just realized… there’s no guarantee of that. There’s no guarantee that I will be around here then, or Jen, or any of us, for that matter. Who knows when death will settle on me or the people I most love?

That might be a sour way to start the day… but it wasn’t for me. It just reminded me that life is today. The Kingdom of God is near. Life can be experienced to the fullest when we are not hindered by our past, or concerned for our future… but when we just live now to its fullest. As a chosen child of God. Today.

We watched an episode of Quantum Leap last night with an old Indian guy who just wanted to get back to the reservation to die. His grand-daughter had him in a nursing home to prolong his life, and he just wanted to die in freedom, instead of preserve this life.

I thought that was pretty cool. When this life is all we have, we hang on to it with all our strength… because it’s all we have. But when we have the promise of more, as we do in Jesus… we can not only have hope for “life everlasting” but we can really live life today!

Day to day brings joys and challenges, and even devastating heartaches. But the hope of tomorrow gives life today. Death has no hold on us. No power.

So live it up! 🙂

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