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I mowed the lawn today. I actually really, really enjoy that. It’s a definite change from what I normally do. It’s solitude. I usually listen to an audio book on the iPod as I do it, so my mind is engaged. (or, at times, silence is preferred, and that too is a wonderful break.) And after about an hour and a half, I have gotten a decent workout pushing the whirring lawn mower up and down hills and around trees back and forth all across our .25 acres of land — and it looks nice! That’s the bonus, the icing on the cake.

So, it was a nice start to the morning, and great timing! We have had lousy weather for the past 10 days (or more?) here in Palmyra. Sun beating down, temps in the high 80s to even low 90s. And dare you say that is not hot, do recall that the humidity is somewhere near the 100% level. 🙂 We finally had to install our window-mount air conditioners this week (which we were trying to not do all summer due to cash flow) because Alex was running a high fever and a little nauseous, seemingly due to the extreme heat.

Today was to be a welcome relief temperature wise (only in the mid 60s, and overcast!) but the forecast called for RAIN. The two days we get a break in the temps, we get rain all day! Well, I took my chances, as it was not raining at the time, and got the last swatch of land mown as the drops began to fall! I am typing this now on my porch listening to the calming sounds of light summer showers. Beautiful!

I love this weather!

We are definitely all different, eh?

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