The Joy of Life

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Our son Alex is just plain fun. This photo came up on my rotating desktop photos this morning, and it just made me smile big. You can’t see the rest of the photo, but he’s on a tiny little swing ride (that’s what those chains are…) where he was spun around for maybe 2 minutes at best. AND HE LOVED IT! Look at that face! Sheer joy. Unadulterated pleasure.

The joy of life. Most everything is FUN to Alex. (Except those foods Dad makes him eat…) You can see it in his face, hear it in his voice, and it’s just contagious to be around. I am smiling a big happy smile as I type these words.

I hope he keeps it. I hope his Father has placed in him an insatiable joy for living the life he was created to live. Everything will not always be fun for him, people will fail him, and put him down. He will fail.

But I pray that smile remains. The joy from deep within. Loving life to its fullest, rooted in the love his father, and his Father have for him.

And many others will know the same joy through him.

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