Waiting For The Pope To Die

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OK, so… the other day while I was driving home I turned on the radio and LIVE on the local AM radio station was the play-by-play from various points on the globe of the last moments of the Pope’s life. Really! I am not kidding.

I know you have seen it too. On TV, everywhere, we are literally watching moment by moment as this man loses his consciousness here with us.

Isn’t that kinda weird??? Should we really be sending out news crews to be “on location” for the final announcement? Is there something particularly special here? He is a man, and men die. He never claimed he wouldn’t, did he? Do we do that with other people? Even the most famous among us? Not usually. At least there is some peace from the press in the final moments.

I think the modern press gets bored. They have too much time to air too little information. So… a live play-by-play.

“Well, the latest report is that his breathing is getting more shallow, and his kidneys have begun to fail. Back to you, Bob.”

“The Pontiff continues to worsen with each passing moment. He remains lucid, recognizing people in the room, continuing to bless them.”

(Sidenote: This man is a blessing machine!! He is well on his way out and he’s still doling out his blessings!)

It just struck me as odd, and in a strange sort of way devaluing his life. In their attempt to honor, I think some lines of respect for privacy and decency may have been crossed.

But, that’s just my opinion.

It’s over now. He died.

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