Alex Cracks Me Up!

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Tonight was portrait night. A friend got us a free sitting and free 8 x 10 at Sears Portrait studio, and my wife being a big fan of photos took the opportunity to get the kids all dressed up (and my Mom took the opportunity to get them something to dress up in) and we headed to Eastview Mall.

Well, no trip to Eastview is complete without a stop at the Apple Store! So, we headed there before AND AFTER the photo shoot! (We are so awesome!) 🙂

Alex knows his way around the store, and around a computer, so he set himself up at one of the display models and began taking some self portraits (unbeknownst to us!) He came over and showed us the photos, and they were SO GREAT! So I quickly mailed them to myself at home!

When I got home, I made a little web page that rotated the 4 shots he took. It’s hilarious!!! So, check out our computer savvy, and ultra cool little boy… IN MOTION! 🙂

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