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This morning I got up to go play basketball, as is my Wednesday morning custom. Today was different, or course, as it was my first time back in the gym since badly spraining my ankle two Wednesdays ago. And really, when I got out of bed this morning… I was quite surprised at how good it felt! I strapped on my shoes and felt pretty decent. Not 100% by any means, but pretty good.

Until I tried to do my first jump shot. 🙂

Let’s just say we’re not quite 75% yet… 🙂

But what amazed me is how well it really is doing. If you had seen this ankle two weeks ago, and felt the pain and discomfort for at least the first week and a half, you might be equally amazed. The swelling has not completely gone, but the nasty bruises have mostly cleared up. I have a pretty full range of motion, the ankle just feels “weak”. Not 100%.

As I drove home from shooting around and testing out the ankle, I just marveled at how our bodies heal themselves. Seriously. It’s incredible! How can our bodies so quickly (and with almost no help from me) repair themselves??? It’s so against nature. Natural things decay. Our bodies are constantly wearing down, over time, until they will finally give out. That is the nature of living things in a sin-broken world.

But within that progression toward decay are the moments of healing. You can really see it in younger bodies – like our kids. A cut from two days ago can be completely healed, and unnoticeable. My body certainly healed more quickly when I was a teenager, but even now in my 30s, my ankle is returning to normal at a fairly decent pace.

How incredible.

I’m just taking a moment to notice today the incredible workings that God has designed into our world, and especially our bodies. It is spectacular, to say the least.

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