It’s Showtime!

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I’ll be posting an official story/review of the new Apple announcement later on today on my Apple website, but wanted to remind you that today is the day! (I know, some of you don’t care… but I DO!!! And this is my website!!!) 🙂 🙂

Steve Jobs will be making his announcements and big presentation today at 10:00am PDT. You can follow along “live” via’s live coverage (the page refreshes every 60 seconds with text updates on what is being presented, and sometimes there are links to photos people take and post with their cell phone cameras.)

Apple will be announcing their iTunes Movie store, and probably the infamous “One More Thing…”

Stay tuned for details… if you’d like. 🙂 (also, see the newsvine article below for a preview of what Apple could be announcing.)

Whoohoo!! 🙂

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