Too Busy To Write This

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This post has been a long time coming. As you might be able to tell from the dates on this post and the post immediately preceding this one. It’s quite ironic that my busyness has been keeping me from writing these thoughts down… 🙂

Something has to go. Maybe several somethings. I am still trying to figure out what.

The reason you have not seen me on here since Sep 12 is because I have been doing tons of other stuff! Seriously. Tons. I feel like I am running in a dozen different directions for most of most days. And, in that I am always trying to cut back… that is almost comical.

How can I be in the same boat as everyone else whom I think are so silly to keep so busy. How can they enjoy life?

Well, what it comes down to I think is that I just try to do toooooo much. I mean really too much. (Like, for example… I am writing this at 2:27am, because, that’s when I can do it…)

Couldn’t I just not do something? Maybe a couple somethings? Between my main job of web design and hosting solutions, to my new Apple computer gig, to my music, to this blog site, to my Buffalo Bills Review show, to the Buffalo Bills blog/column, to the newsvine page, to book sales and marketing… there’s always something going on. Something else to think about.

THEN, I do have a wife and four awesome kids, ya know!

And that’s the part that’s killing me. I love them so much, and want to invest as much as I can in them. So, after a long day of work, I try hard to spend every evening together as a family, and then weekends as well. Sometimes we are doing something (grocery shopping, playing, visiting with friends, cleaning up our house) but sometimes we just hang out. All the time is great, and a welcome change from previous years when we were constantly gone in the evenings, after a long day for me in the office.

But in the middle of the goodness… I am so weighed down by all that I am trying to do that I end up thinking about one, two, or three other things I could be doing while I spend time with my family. I can not tell you how much I hate that. That is the american way perhaps, but I really don’t want that for me, or my family, I guess.

I don’t want to constantly be somewhere else.

So, something has to go. Likely it will be something that I do that does not make me any money. I am constantly asking God for direction on this, because I am personally very grateful for every one of the great opportunities he has given me (even the free ones!). How can I give up writing a column for the Buffalo Bills? Or doing the most successful fan podcast for the Buffalo Bills? Or being an Apple Agent and helping connect people with fabulous Apple systems? Or, writing out my thought processes on life recently lived (or, just relaying fun stories from life with the Campbells) on this blog here and various other sites? All of these things are my offering to others completely gratis.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way! Except… I need to.

I will be needing clarity over the next while as I pare down some stuff, and learn to live more simply… while still enjoying the richness and fullness of life with God, with others – starting with the amazing family he has surrounded me with.

How could I not? Only by trying to enjoy too many things, I think.

Definitely time to simplify.

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