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Last night we were up chatting with some good friends from college until 1:30 in the morning! That was so great! We shares story after story of what God was doing in each of our lives, and with our families as a whole. Fascinating examples of a loving Father leading each of us individually. It was so great to laugh hard together, and at the same time, think deeply on the stuff God has been placing before us of late.

One question I brought up (because I had just read it with the boys a couple days prior in our trip through the book of Matthew) centered around the question of church leadership.

This post could get SUPER long when dealing with that subject, but it really is a short, cool thought from that much longer conversation…

As we talked about Jesus saying to people that we shouldn’t call anyone Father, or Teacher, or even leader (because we have only One leader), Scott brought up his own personal situation at work. He said that he, and his words have “authority” (or, leadership) with the people he works with because of the way he treats them. His words carry weight because anyone listening has been loved and/or served by him. Jesus said the best way to influence the world – the best way to lead – is to serve… not to be served.

I thought that was a neat way to look at leadership. Scott’s “authority” is not a commanding, demanding one. Rather, it’s a trust built on relationship. Scott was not “appointed” leader or authority over his friends… rather, they just place authority on him and his words because of his lead of love.

Does that make sense? It does to me.

Too often we think of “church leadership” as a position that is filled by election or appointment. But that authority is not earned or deserved. It is a false authority, created by us. I would submit that oftentimes, the real leadership in a church might not actually bear the title. Often, the real leaders are the quiet, humble, unassuming ones who simply love people.

And because they do, they are given “authority” when the speak, or lead someone in a specific direction.

Cool way to put it, Scott. Thanks for the insight.

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