Sneaky Jesus?

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In today’s Gospel reading… we see a bit more nefarious side of our hero, Jesus. Could it be that he was trying to mislead his own kin? Could it be that he was twisting the truth… or not telling the whole truth? Could Jesus be that sneaky???

The boys and I are going through the book of John, and yesterday the story was about his brothers sort of mocking him, saying, if you’re so cool… then go down to the big festival in Jerusalem and show everyone! We finished that story up with this line:

Jesus answered, “My time hasn’t yet come, but your time is always here. … Go on to the festival. My time hasn’t yet come, and I am not going.” Jesus said this and stayed on in Galilee.

OK, that’s cool. Nothing to that part of the story. His bros wanted him to go show off, and Jesus told them it wasn’t time yet. Got it. BUT THEN… look what we read today!!!

After Jesus’ brothers had gone to the festival, he went secretly, without telling anyone.

During the festival the Jewish leaders looked for Jesus and asked, “Where is he?” The crowds even got into an argument about him. Some were saying, “Jesus is a good man,” while others were saying, “He is lying to everyone.” But the people were afraid of their leaders, and none of them talked in public about him.

When the festival was about half over, Jesus went into the temple and started teaching.

This is crazy! Did Jesus intentionally mislead his brothers, when his full intention was to go to the festival? Did he need to because he had different ideas for how to spend his time than they did? OR… did he actually change his mind?!?! HAHA. That would be awesome.

I can picture it now. The house is quiet. Everyone is gone, down to Jerusalem for the festival. Jesus is just hanging out, enjoying the solitude. He does a few projects in the wood shop. Catches up on some reading he’d been neglecting with all the healings and public teaching and stuff. But, after awhile… he gets a little ansty. He keeps thinking of the fun he could be having with everyone else at the Festival. He talks with his Father about it… and eventually, decides he can probably sneak down there, without anyone noticing.

But, about half way through the festival, he can’t contain himself anymore, and he goes and starts teaching. What he said he was not going to do! He couldn’t help himself, I guess???

The funny thing is, when he has a public altercation with the religious folk, they try to kill him, but can not because “it was not his time”. So… what was he scared of in the first place?

I really have no point to make, just thought it was a fascinating story to share. If you would like to read it, it’s John 7:1-30 (… there’s more, but that’s what we read). What do you think? Was Jesus being “sneaky”, or did he just change his mind? Pretty funny either way… 🙂


  1. I think the story is more about Jesus timing in His ministry, Then going to the festival. I think his brothers wanted Him to SHOW THE WORLD (so to say) Jesus never does anything for His own glory, but only when His Father’s time calls for Him to do so. Just a thought.


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