So Far, So Good

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I may have mentioned here, but I know I have mentioned elsewhere, that this week is going to be totally insane. I have lots of open projects for Basic Web Design & Graphics, and we are also doing a Christmas Concert Blitz this week! Concerts every night from Tues-Friday, and then two on Saturday! Fun!

Last night we sang at Fairport Village Coffee. The first time we sang there was Christmas of maybe 1999? Could it be?? Whoa. Seems like so long ago. There were only a few people there when we got started, but several more came throughout the night, including Jen’s brother! We hardly ever get to see him and his family, so that was great. It was a nice relaxed visit (we got to chat in between songs, sets, and even during a song or two! Ha!) and definitely a highlight of the evening. We also got to chat with several other folks about anything from Apple computers to life with God and his church.

And, they liked the music, to boot. 🙂

Tonight was much of the same. Though, tonight the people working there didn’t know we were coming! Ha! That’s always funny. 🙂 We sang at Earthtones Coffee House in Webster tonight. Another place we have played quite often, and for a long time. Jen’s mom came over this afternoon and stayed with the kids, so even though we were “working”, with the 40 minute drive and set up time and the two hours of singing… it’s a nice evening with my wife. We also stopped for a late-night snack at McDonald’s on our way home. Quite nice.

This time, no one came that we knew, but that allowed for some nice conversations with several people who were there. The music was well received again (one lady, whose favorite song is O Holy Night, had many compliments for Jen’s rendition of the Christmas classic! That was awesome!) and we even sold several CDs and a book! Quite nice.

One of the workers tonight came over to the table after we had been singing a while, and was checking out my There’s The Steeple… Here’s The Church book. When we finished the song, she asked a question about it, and we ended up talking at length (actually, throughout the rest of the night, too) about church, and God, and life lived with him. Neato! Then, at the end of the night, we met another musician from the area and got to chat with him a bit about music and gigging and all. It was a great night, I’d say.

So, I actually started this with the intention of writing it during the second half of Superman Returns, which I started last night… but… that wasn’t happening. 🙂 The movie’s over now, so I can finish this.

I think I just did.

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