Spam: The Best Time Waster

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I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating…


It has sucked the last hour or so of my life, trying to configure (to my liking) a new service I am trying called Spam Arrest. Check it out at my website… it’s definitely a fool-proof way to eliminate spam. Very easily configured. The part I am not liking is that it’s not easy to send email from the addresses I am protecting. I can, but it’s not easy.

The alternative is to endlessly hit the delete (or, usually in my case, the “Junk”) button. Junk, junk, junk, junk… a never-ending process to be sure.

Spam has necessitated spam filters. Spam filters get messages you don’t want to be filtered. More time wasted.

Spam has even caused me to write a blog post or two… again, spending more time. 🙂

(Notice I didn’t say “wasted”. 🙂 OH! For a funny Alex anecdote on “wasting time” stop by the page later today…)

Well, here’s hoping your day is not interrupted by spam, or spam remedies.

(Yeah, right!) 🙂


  1. Hey
    Thanks for that. I heard about gmail a while back and signed up for a gmail account. You’re right, there’s a great spam filter on there. I never see the spam in that box. BUT, problem is, I still need to use my business addresses, which are collecting all the spam. That’s where spam arrest comes in, except it’s tricky to still be able to use my address to send mail. It seems to be an endless cycle.

    Thanks for the offer, though. I do love my gmail. 🙂


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