Approaching One Thousand

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Recently I have been monitoring my post count. The dashboard in Blogger tells me how many different posts I have published to my blog. Currently, I stand at 997, and this will be 998. That’s a lot of posts. Quite a fence that would make… 😉

Well I have been thinking about what would be worthy material for post #1000. I just think if numbers mean anything at all (which, I know… they really don’t) then I didn’t want a link to some Steve Jobs quote about the iPhone to be post #1000. 🙂

What could measure up to such a lofty number? I ran many things through my head, and actually got a bunch of nothing. I couldn’t even begin to think what I could write about that would bear that proud tag. Until today.

Today I remembered that I have been telling people now and again that I will someday write the story of how God brought Ian into the world. It’s fantastic, and has God written allll over it. We have retold the story several times over the years, when there was time to do it justice. But I have never gotten it all written out. Chronicled for the ages.

Well post number one thousand will be about Ian Jeffrey Campbell, our first-born son… and how he truly was “God’s gracious gift”.


  1. It has been written out . . . perhaps in a long detailed mass email?? I know I have read it though, I could recount the major details if you forgot them, lol!


  2. If you could find a copy of that, Marie, that would be great. I did a few searches on my computer today and did not find anything. It’s possible that it only remains in hard copy form (which is harder to find)… but I really don’t remember ever collecting the whole story on paper.

    If you don’t find it, feel free to remind me of any details I may have missed 😉


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