Baseball Means Summer

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BaseballI was looking out my window this morning, and the grass looked a little greener. I don’t mean figuratively. I mean, literally… it looked greener. The shadows were a bit different. The sun is moving into it’s summer position. The world outside just seemed a bit more “summery”.

But the one indicator that summer is approaching… BASEBALL. The boys start baseball tonight. They’ll play every Friday night for about 2 months. Alex gets to play his first year of tee ball this year, and Ian will be moving up to “coach pitch” ball. I think that means the coach pitches to the players. I think. 🙂

It will all be great, except that the boys will be on very different fields… AT THE SAME TIME 🙁 I’m really disappointed about that. But we’ll work something out. Or, I’ll just be mad for the next 8 Fridays. 🙁

We’re excited that baseball is here! I’m not looking forward to the hot summer temps, but I am looking forward to watching my boys play baseball again, and practicing with them the rest of the week. 🙂

Come on out and root ’em on!

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