Four Years Of Huge Debt

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Our Awesome Yellow House

OK, that’s not really what we’re celebrating today. But it was a funnier title. 🙂 Today is the day we moved into our yellow house- our first house – four years ago. Can’t really believe that. Can’t really believe the size of the figure on the “balance owed” ledger on the bills from our mortgage company. Or the taxes for that matter…


This house is one of the coolest things God has given us, besides each other of course. We have made memories here that will last forever. We have shared life with friends, shared our stuff with friends, had friends live with us for a time, and shared many many meals with friends and family over these four years.

Today we’re celebrating this fun gift that God has given us by having some friends over this morning – any minute now, actually – and then probably some more tonight 🙂 What else is a house for? 🙂

So thanks God for four years in this place. And somehow we have paid every monthly payment, and all the taxes… thanks for that too. (Do you know how much these things cost???) 🙂

But most of all, we love the memories… made with these four kiddos below.

We the Campbells love Our Yellow House. 🙂

Our Awesome Yellow House

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  1. wow, I had no idea i was visiting on such an important anniversary! Congratulations Campbell’s!
    Your yellow house is very cool and it is fun to hang out there 🙂


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