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Here’s a little bit of evidence that I have been unable to get to my blog very much this past week or so…

Yesterday, August 26th, went by without me noticing even once that it was the fourth anniversary of my blog’s existence! 🙂 I had been looking ahead to that date all month, planning to say something about it… but… welll….

I didn’t remember.

Sorry, blog! (Can you say sorry to a blog?) 🙂

More to come soon… I’m working on the Buffalo Bills Review right now. Fun show this week! Maybe the most fun ever! 🙂 Even added some “out takes” to the end of this show. 🙂

Fun stuff.

So, happy bloggiversary to GregsHead.net. Four years in the books. Or, on the web. Or something. 🙂


  1. Not only did I have the wrong date, I guess I had the wrong day. Tuesday is trash day, and well… I heard the truck coming, and ran down to get the trash to the curb…. and saw the truck leaving. 🙁

    I need to get my internal calendar back in sync! 🙂


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