Fall Is Here… Sorta

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First Fall Foliage
A weekend ago, the weather here was just fantastic. Highs in the 60s, beautiful sunny, clear days. Amazing fall weather. But then last week we were back in the 80s!! Yuck! And today, I left the house this morning for some errands around town, and felt just fine walking in my jeans and black t-shirt. But then came the afternoon. It’s HOT again!

Today is the first full day of fall. I do see the signs. The leaves on a tree in our back yard are changing color. But it’s 79ºF. Come on. We live in upstate NY. I want 50s and 60s in late September!! 🙂

It’s coming. Maybe I’ll take some more fall photos and post here in the weeks to come…

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  1. Nice Picture. I love fall it is my favorite season. Well I guess fall ties with spring. Cooler weather flush of color in the fall, birth of the new in the spring. Could take or leave winter and summer.


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