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Perry's White Lightning Ice CreamOur grocery store had Perry’s ice cream (from Akron, NY) on sale last week, so we picked up a couple half gallons. One was a new flavor, White Lightning. It’s dark chocolate ice cream, with streaks of white mint goo throughout. I had a dish of it for the first time last night and, it’s instantly in my top five favorite flavors! If you have access to Perry’s, and your store carries that flavor… go get some!

That got me to thinking about what my favorite flavors are… here’s a quick list I came up with: (In no particular order, because really… I like ALL flavors!!!)

  • White Lightning from Perrys
  • White Chocolate Raspberry Swirl from Young’s. (White chocolate ice cream, with swirls of raspberry goo (what else do you call it?) and chunks of chocolate. It’s fantastic!)
  • Cherry Chocolate Chip from Edy’s. With Raspberry Chip Royale a close second!
  • Cherry Panda Paws from Perry’s. (Little chocolate/cherry cups with swirls of fudge in cherry ice cream!)
  • And I do like a variety of specialty flavors… Perry’s Sabres Sundae, Bills Stampede Sundae from Turkey Hill, and any of Edy’s specialty flavors (like the Loaded Butterfingers one!!! Awesome!

There’s a lot more, but that’ll have to do for now. Gotta get outside and get to work! More on that later…

Enjoy your ice cream!

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