LifeStories: A Great Family Game

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Life Stories GameWhen my parents visited this weekend, we had a little time on Saturday afternoon where we could play a board game. Projects were done, girls were napping, kitchen was cleaned up. I happened to remember the game LifeStories. The point of the game is not competition but chances for all to share stories of meaningful memories in their lives. On each turn you get a card from a certain pile that leads you to tell a specific story from your past.

I asked if we could play, and no one objected… so we did. It was great! The boys (and later Kirstie) got to hear stories from Grammy & Grandpa’s past… and Dad’s… and later Mom’s… and we even got to hear some of the stories that they have found significant in their lives so far. Pretty cool.

We broke it out awhile ago (pretty sure I posted something to the blog here about it?) for just our family to tell stories. That was definitely a fun night, so on a visit from Jen’s parents not long after that I broke out the cards from the game and we asked some questions of Grandma & Grandpa… it’s just a great way to start the telling of stories.

And really, what better way to spend time with family? 🙂

We highly recommend…

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