Running Out

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GasLately I have been running several things dry. First it was my own body, falling asleep during a BILLS GAME almost instantly, with no recollection of the “nodding off” part. Just complete, immediate shut down. Then today I had a couple more incidents…

First, on returning from our friends house, the van started acting like it was running out of gas. I checked our gauge, and we should have been fine, according to that. However, our gauge is broken, so we use the computer in the van that helps you figure out gas used, and since I had only filled up with about 15 gallons the previous time, we were in fact empty, without me knowing it.

We ran out of gas right in the middle of an intersection, but made it through OK. We stopped right in front of a house, so I went to see if they could just give us enough gas to get to a pretty nearby gas station. They could, and they did… and we were on our way. Putting 25 gallons of gas in our van when we did reach the fueling station. 🙂

Then just now, I was typing a quick post for the Buffalo Bills Review site, and my laptop just instantly shut down. Turns out the battery was low, but the warning did not kick in. So, I forgot to keep checking the remaining batter, and it just shut everything down. (Thankfully, blogger does a good job of auto-saving everything, and I didn’t have much more to type 😉

Well, now that I have told the story, I better shut this computer down, and lay down before I just fall asleep right here and now! Fewer sudden shut downs, or drying up of the fuel would be better….

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