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Usually I do not need much sleep. I regularly can operate on 6 hours of sleep or so. This past week was a bit more full than others, so the sleep hours were down even more. Very late nights (some would call them mornings) and then a bit earlier than normal mornings. (I’ve been trying to get up around 7:15-7:30 to go out for a nice 2-mile walk.)

Well, I think today it caught up with me. 🙂

I went to bed last night just after 4am, and was hoping to get up with my alarm clock at 7:15am. It was not till about 8:30am that I woke up and remembered that dream where my alarm went off and I could not get it to shut off. I also remembered that after a brief struggle, I was victorious. And thus… I did not get up till about 9.

Sometimes, the body just takes over, I suppose. In fact, the reason I went to bed at 4 was that I was falling asleep sitting at my desk! That’s never happened before! Would have been kind of funny if I really did fall asleep!

Perhaps I should take a nap this week or something…

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