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The ShackI think I have mentioned a few times the book I was reading (and finished last night) The Shack? I know I did at least once. Well I finally finished it and though it came extremely highly recommended, it did not disappoint! I was impressed. 🙂 Usually such high praise as it received can only lead to the actual experience not measuring up to expectations.

But The Shack does.

I think what I most enjoyed about this very well-written story was the unexpectedness. There were times when I felt it was just what I was expecting, but more often what I thought was, “That’s a cool way to look at it…” The premise is that a man who has faced unbelievable tragedy, and feels far from God – really on purpose – is called to the location of a focal point of his pain to meet with God. And this is not the big shiny booming voice old guy you might expect. It’s a very cool look at God in his infinite – and personal – uniqueness.

The book even had a surprise ending! (At least to me!) I kept reading and reading last night as I couldn’t put it down. It’s a great story of redemption, how God brings life from death, and forgiveness, healing… just all the stuff God works in us. And as I said, very well written, so an easy read.

I want to get a copy to give to our library, so people can find it that way. And we may buy a copy or two to hand out to friends. Jen is reading our copy now, and Laura is in the queue.

Anyone else want to get in line? 🙂

I may continue to reference the book as I continue to process it. Till then, check it out for yourself at the links above.

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