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There’s been a bunch of randomness this week. Things are in a “down time”, or a “lull” in the web design world, so I have been taking advantage of that by working on some other projects that I ordinarily would not be able to give time to. Some of those include:

  • Trailer Refurbishment
    We decided to sell our basic trailer, since we have not used it (except as storage for our musical things) since February of 2005!! It is still in decent condition, and should sell for a decent price. I had to replace the thing on the front that raises and lowers it. The handle had snapped off, so the whole thing needed to be replaced. And since I was doing that, I ended up painting the whole front hitch assembly part. And the fiberglass top that had faded. My neighbor has been helping as well, and he helped re-fasten the loose light on the left side. I’m even taking off and cleaning/painting the tires! It’s been a bigger job than I thought it would be… but the trailer is going to look nice very soon!

    If anyone is interested in a 6 x 10 cargo trailer in very good condition, please let me know. I’ll be putting it on as soon as it’s ready (very soon, once it stops RAINING!) so let me know before that. Just click the e-mail me links (top, and right column).

  • Blog Updates
    As mentioned recently, I have also been updating the right column of this site. Adding links to my various websites and just cleaning things up a bit.
  • Buffalo Bills Review
    The Bills season is upon us! Training camp starts in less than a WEEK! So I have been updating our website ( as well as doing a bunch of other behind the scenes things. We even decided to make some “staff” t-shirts (which I might make available to the general public later). We’ll wear them on visits to training camp, and pre-season games… a little advertising ploy… 😉 I’ll have a link up on the Bills Review site soon with a photo of the shirt, and maybe a link to order some.
  • There’s The Steeple… Here’s The Church Audiobook Podcast
    I have also had time to get a little ahead in the audiobook recording. Been posting chapters/episodes weekly. You can download them at or, just go straight to iTunes. This week’s chapter is actually part two of last week’s “A Bigger View of Church”. Includes an article by Wayne Jacobsen titled, “Living in the Relational Church”.
  • Selling Tickets
    One of the updates I made to our Buffalo Bills Review site was to add some “sponsors” down the right side. OK, they’re not really sponsors… but I am an affiliate of some sort for most of them, so when people click on banners those and use their services, we will receive a commission of some sort. Pretty neat!

    Anyhoo, one of them is It’s a ticket reselling marketplace. So, you have tickets, you can offer them up for sale. You want tickets – to about ANYTHING – you can find them there! We purchased Bills season tickets and have been selling the ones to games we won’t be going to. It actually has worked out to make our tickets to the games we’re going to a bit cheaper! Fantastic! So, most of the ones we have listed are gone, but there are a few left! Head over to my Buffalo Bills Review site and check out! (Our tickets are in section 225, if you want those…) 😉

  • Making Ice Cream!
    I’ve kind of mentioned this already, but man, we’ve made more ice cream this summer than ever! Last night’s vanilla turned out awesome! The strawberry not as much, but it was still pretty good! The consistency is absolutely the hardest thing to master. I’m getting better, but still have much room for improvement. Oh well… guess I have to make more ice cream…. 🙂

The one thing I keep feeling the urge to do but have not taken the time to do yet is to work on our One Man, One Woman book. Several things recently have reminded me of the very cool lessons in trusting God contained in that book (that is not yet written). I think it may be time to flesh it out a bit more. I have more on trusting (or not trusting) God… but that’s for another upcoming post to Stay tuned…

Till then… time for some more odd jobs! 🙂

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