The Fake God

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Kirstie's Fake GodJen took Kirstie over to spend the night with some friends (which ended up getting canceled due to a sudden bout with tummy trouble!) and on the way over here’s how the conversation went…

“God is far away,” Kirstie stated matter of factly.

“Actually, he’s right here with us,” Mom replied. “God is very close.”

“No, not the real God,” she clarified, “I mean the fake god.”

“The fake god?” asked Mom.

“The white God, in the white building!”

If you drive past the Hill Cumorah visitor center, on the way to our house (we must pass this at least 3 or 4 times a week I’d guess?) you’ll see a bright, white, shining Jesus with arms outstretched. We always say hello to “Jesus” as we drive by. But, “He’s not the real Jesus,” we clarify.

Guess Kirstie picked up on that. 🙂

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