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This blog is quite random sometimes, and tonight it feels particularly so. It is very appropriately titled, so I think I shall just leave it at that.

A few times recently I have found myself explaining my “hug policy”, so I thought I’d try and do that here – if for nothing more than it should make for interesting reading when I am going back through these in a year or two or five. 🙂

We have taken a “love languages” test many times through the years with the parenting course Growing Kids God’s Way. I have scored super high every time in the “Physical touch and closeness” category. There are 5 love languages, and I think 5 questions on the test, and when you add up the points, I think that one is usually about a 21-23 for me, out of a possible 25. And, thought tests are not always entirely accurate, this one is.

I like hugs. 🙂

So I was saying recently to a few various and random friends (and family) that my general thought is, I wait until 1) the person I am greeting or leaving demonstrates that they too are a hugger or 2) I know the person well enough that I already know they are a hugger. (This may explain why I usually greet you with a hug, or don’t…) 🙂

For now, I plan to keep to that general rule of thumb… so if you are a hugger, your hugs are welcome and I’ll hug you back. If you’re not… I’ll return your firm handshake 🙂

Just thought I’d get that out there.

Now I think I’m gonna go give Jen a big hug…



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