Kids Not Flushing? Try Paying Them.

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We are trying something new in our house this week. We have six people in training here, ages 10 and under. One of the problem areas currently is the toilet. Finding ourselves quite tired of finding a toilet full of … stuff… we instituted a new policy. (Nothing else has seemed to work so far, so, why not?)

We decided the best course of action would be to pay our kids to flush.

The new plan is to keep a tally. At the start of every week (Monday morning) we’ll have $10. If Mom or Dad ever find the toilet has not been flushed, 50¢ comes off the tally. Doesn’t matter whose fault it was, it just comes off. Hopefully this will encourage teamwork (we’ll help that part happen, too) rather than finger pointing!

Another problem area is finishing tasks. So, similarly, when a task is not completed (and we find the task doer already on to something else) then 25¢ will be taken off the total of the fun money.

At the end of the week (probably Sunday) we will take whatever is left and go do something fun. If that’s close to $10, we can do more… if it’s been a hard week and there’s $1.25 left… that will be harder to find something to do… In fact, we may just say if it’s under $5, it goes in the pot for next week.

So, we’ll see how it goes. We just figured, when all else fails… open your wallet! 🙂

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