Suggested Reading: Between Two Kingdoms

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Joe Boyd is a friend of ours from college, and today he announced that his book, Between Two Kingdoms is available for pre-order, and I thought I might spread the word for him here at as well. Joe is currently employed as a teaching pastor at the Vineyard church in Cincinnati. But he also produces movies, and is an actor, and now a published author. (Also, he was the one who inspired this website! I thought I had that written somewhere, but all I found was this.) 🙂

Joe is, under all of that, a great lover and teller of stories. So I’m sure his written story will be more of the same! Click the book to the right to pre-order a copy of his book at, and while you’re at it, click his name at the top of this post to visit his blog and subscribe to his RSS feed, too. 🙂

[NOTE: If you’re reading this on Facebook, rather than on, click here to get his book at]

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