The Itch

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It’s happening again. I never really know why. It just happens.

It’s time to change up my websites.

All three of my main websites. For some reason I have new ideas for this blog (cool ones, actually!) and my web design site, and our music site. All three will actually be a bit simpler (maybe not this one…) and cleaner, and more web-standards-compliant (you may not care about that part much…) and utilize some cool web technologies.

And it’s just time for a new look.

Bloggiversary number 6 is coming up next week… and I’ve had this look for a few years now as well… time to make a change.

I’ve been dabbling with WordPress for some clients… anyone want to weigh on on whether I stick with Blogger, or delve into the WordPress universe? I could go either way… as long as the export/import of my six years of posts isn’t too painful. (I don’t imagine it would be.)

So… stay tuned. Changes to come!

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