Ready For The Winter Olympics

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2010 Winter Olympics in VancouverAre you ready for the winter olympics? It’s almost here! The Campbell household enjoys watching all of the olympic sporting events, but I am partial to the winter sports. (Perhaps because I like snow and cold?)

We’re excited to see the hockey, featuring all of the world’s best players (kind of like an extended NHL all-star game!) including Ian’s new favorite team, the Russians! 🙂 We watched the 80s movie, “Cool Runnings” (with John Candy, about the Jamaican bobsled team) so we’re excited to watch the bobsled event. Figure skating, speed skating, all the skiing events…

CURLING! (Need I say more???) 🙂

To prepare for the upcoming games we have been doing all sorts of olympic-related things. Watching “Cool Runnings” was one. Jen has picked up some books from the library. The boys used the rest of their Christmas money at Blockbuster to rent Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games! (Which we have found is quite entertaining! We highly recommend!)

AND, finally, once we discovered that NONE of the hockey games would be on regular NBC TV, we decided to “bite the bullet” and upgrade our cable for the month. (Ian also offered to chip in, since he has had a paper route since last year, and has some extra spending money. That was awesome.) 🙂 Even “awesomer” was the flyer we received in the mail the day we ordered the upgrade … the current promotion will cost us only $5 extra per month! Sweet.

So we are psyched. Looking forward to two weeks of winter sports fun. Go USA!

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