Steven Curtis Chapman: This Moment

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Steven Curtis Chapman has always been one of my favorite songwriters. At least, “always” since I began listening to music that would be labeled “Christian” in my late teens. (Holy cow, that seems so long ago…) For whatever reason—for many reasons—his music and his lyrics really connect with me. (And I with them?) I was talking about this with Jen last night and was realizing the perhaps a key part of it is that he and I think on the same things, and think similarly on those things. And how he says it must also resonate with me as well. (Plus, the music is great, well-done, excellent, too.)

Sometime last week I decided to listen to an album of his—the album in the box at the top of this post. Often when we play music in our house, we make full use of the “shuffle” feature on our iPod and let the tiny musical device be our DJ as it selects from any of our 4000 or so songs, making for a very nice eclectic mix of styles. But after hearing one of Steven’s songs, I thought it would be fun to actually listen through a whole album.

I was right.

If you own This Moment, I would like to recommend that you pull it out now (or queue it up) and have a good listen. If you don’t yet own the album, BUY IT! Really. It’s very worth it. Not only is the music fun, excellent, and fairly diverse (style-wise) … the theme of the album is what we all really need to hear and know.

You are being loved. You ought to hear his version of Amazing Grace. It’s crazy things that love will make you do. There’s a wonder in the here in now, right there in front of you. Don’t miss the miracle of the moment.

I contemplated actually posting thoughts on each of his songs here individually, and perhaps someday I may, but for now, I’d really rather you have a listen yourself. He does such a great job of capturing the truth of how much our father loves us (including, I think, through a song about loving every moment of his daughter’s life, being her Dad—Cinderella.)

It’s definitely not just this album, but for the moment, I am highly (as highly as I can) recommending this particular album—This Moment. If you have an hour where you can really take in the lyrics, do. The words flow from a real, living, deep relationship with our loving Father, and will hopefully remind you of just how loved you are as you listen.

You ought to see the smile you’re bringing to your Father’s face
You ought to hear him sing his version of Amazing Grace.

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