Twenty Ten

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We’re showing our age tonight.

We went to a New Year’s Eve party at a friend’s house, but with babies, decided to leave by 9pm or so. Came home and after laying the babies down for the night, broke out the party food at home only to find that most of us weren’t really hungry…We had been snacking on party food since 7pm!

Now it’s quarter till midnight—the Big Moment—and I’m doing the dishes and cleaning up from our “party”, our nearly-teenaged and nearly-double-digit-aged are playing a video game, and the other five Campbells are sleeping!

What a way to celebrate the calendar flip! 🙂

But, I thought I’d take these last ten minutes of the last page of Twenty-Ten’s calendar and remember a few things from this year.

There were no babies born to our family in 2010, but there were some other inspirational moments. I was motivated to read again this year (may have started in 2009) and from that reading I was inspired by the lives of William Wilberforce, Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, Bruce Feiler, and of course, Jesus. (And his Narnian counterpart, Aslan.) The writing of C.S. Lewis and was also challenging and inspirational to me, and we also enjoyed Charles Dickens’ classic, Oliver Twist. I can’t wait to be inspired by more great lives lived in the year to come.

We have repeatedly come to the end of days exhausted by caring for two babies, resolving conflicts, training all six kids in righteousness, and dealing with the ever-present financial pressures of life. But when it’s time to reflect, all that really matters is that Cameron James and Emma Caroline are two of the most amazing people in the world, and they are in our family; there are no seven other people that I’d rather share my every day with than the six kids and perfect wife God has given me; and we just looked at the numbers again today and saw that God gave us exactly what we needed to pay all our bills and have food in our bellies every day.

All in all, Twenty Ten was another great year.

And whatever comes in 2011, we know that God will go there with us. That’s really all that matters.

It’s 11:59… bring it on.

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