Birthday Season (And Sabbatical)

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Birthday season is upon us here in the Campbell home. Today is the first of three birthdays in two weeks. We’ll be celebrating it up in our typical style—the birthday girl will be well-celebrated!

(If you’d like to read the story of her very first birthday, please do…)

So, with that information in hand, I have another announcement, of sorts. This post will be the end of one (minor) experience—experiment?—and the beginning of another.

If you’ll recall, I began posting a column a day back on December 31st. (I first realized I was doing that somewhere in mid January, and kinda went with it.) It’s been a very interesting experience for me in that it ensures that I am writing—writers love deadlines!—and when I am writing, I am thinking. And when I’m thinking, well, that seems to be when I process life the best. (And for me, that’s a good thing.)

So I’m not really stopping … and don’t hold me to that, ’cause I probably won’t…

But I need a break.

Not really from the writing. That’s always a nice respite, a good outlet, and just enjoyable. Really I need a break in order to do other things. Writing, as great as it may be, is taking time. Which means it’s coming out of time I could give to other things.

Like reading. (You’ll recall that my reading list is rather lengthy!) And from my kids. And from my work. And from other good things to do in life. (There are many!)

So for now, I’m going to take a sabbatical. Not sure for how long, but I’m thinking the two weeks of Birthday Season.

For you daily readers, you’ll get a nice break to read some other stuff, too. For the more casual visitor to, may I suggest a stroll through the previous sixty days, and then keep going. There are nearly eight and a half years of blog posts on this website… over 675,000 words… bound to be something that’ll catch your fancy in there. 🙂

I look forward to this break to refresh and increase the intake.

See you on the other side.

(If not before.)

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