Cameron’s Hat (and Pockets)

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Pweeceman Cam

I’m really not sure when it started. Somewhere in the recent past—perhaps a couple weeks, perhaps a month or more—Cam found, and immediately treasured three specific items. What were previously general possession toys became the sole, well-cared-for property of Cameron James Campbell.

(Officer Campbell to you.)

Upon donning the plastic cowboy hat, Cam assumed the role of “Pweece Offser”, and took very seriously his job of (1) protecting the Campbell home citizenry from “bad guys”, and not any less seriously (2) the task of carrying the tools of his trade with him everywhere he went—every waking moment.

His hat, his keys (an old set from our previous family vehicle) and his glasses (which he saved from his first movie theater experience, in 3D no less!) are usually on his person, or he knows where they are if not. He has a special drawer for his glasses and his keys at sleeping times, and a place for his hat, too, of course.

He just LOVES to have things in his pockets!

All of this is obviously very cute, and quite fun for our family. Brings a smile to my face as I type this! But the funny part is, his hat never fails to draw at least a smile, but usually a comment from nearly everyone who sees him wearing it somewhere in public. 🙂 The photo above was taken by a friend at a birthday party to which Cam wore his new “uniform”.

The uniform has since expanded to include: a tape measure, a plastic hammer, several pieces of “money” (which are anything from Monopoly money to random game cards), and various other tools he might need for his job.

He’s a worker man!

Actually, it may have started there. We had a plumber come over one day to fix various (slightly major) plumbing issues in our home. Cam followed him around for a while (in his gear, so I guess it didn’t start then…) and then he came up to my office with a “briefcase” and proceeded to start his “worker man” work day. (I set him up on our old Performa that still has a home in my office.)

Since then, he’s often referring to himself as either a “pweeceman”, or just a “worker man”.

He’s so fun, funny, cute… great!

It’s so amazing as a parent to see the different personalities in each of our kids. Each one is definitely unique. Cam is definitely the first of the six to keep such careful track of his prized possessions. Everyone else would have either lost interest by now, or lost the treasured items… or both!

Cam, as careful and responsible as he is, still has the mind of a three-year-old. Once before going to the bathroom, instead of setting his keys down gently (or putting them in his pocket), he threw them over into a pile of toys and other things, nearly shooting them down the stairs (right next to this pile). I was stunned he would do that, knowing how very much he cared for these keys. As soon as he was done, he headed straight over to the mess of toys and other things, and proceeded to look for his keys—”where he left them”. Ha!

So, I’m not sure how long this will last, but for now, we are definitely enjoying it. Just enjoying Cam.


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