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Highlighting Articles from the GregsHead.net Archives!I re-discovered this post recently via a few related links from something else I had been writing. I really can’t recall how I got there, but as it might have done for you, the title grabbed my attention. I wondered, Now what was I thinking here…

Turns out it was one of my more favorite “recent” discoveries of a grander truth in Scripture than I had previously seen.

It’s easy to have a distorted view of God. It can come from listening to the perceptions others have of God, and incorporating them into our view of who he is. (Even if your source is the most learned and revered theologian or scholar.) It can come from our own guilt or shame, pushing us further from the God who loves us. It can come from simply not knowing him well enough, from a lack of knowledge, understanding.

Whatever way it comes, it hinders our relationship with our Father, and our living life to its full, which Jesus said is his desire for us.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this one. Respond however you’d like (Facebook Page, comment below, or comment on the original article) but please do let me know what you think—agree, or disagree.

Original Article: Distorted View of God

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