SCC25: Steven Curtis Chapman Celebrating 25 Years of Music {video}

Steven Curtis Chapman is definitely one of my favorite song writers/musicians. There is something in his music, and the way he says things that I really connect with. More than any other musician I can think of. I’ve written about this many times, including here. Well apparently 2012 marks 25 years of making music for […]

Steven Curtis Chapman

Some of you may know that I hold Steven Curtis Champan – and particularly his music – in high regard. More than that, there’s definitely some strange connection I have with him. When I hear his stuff, I just completely identify with it. Those aren’t the right words. I can’t really explain it. It’s almost […]

The Chapmans

I learned today that earlier this week, singer/songwriter Steven Curtis Chapman‘s 5-year-old adopted daughter was killed in an accident in the family’s driveway. Somehow, God has made us similar. I am a fan of his music – and something inexplicably deeper than that. There are similarities in my songwriting to his. Also a “big fan” […]