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Why is there so much to do?

Why do I not have any down time?

Why must I fill my schedule with things, and feel guilty if I don’t?

Why do I feel the weight of 10 things pulling me at once in different urgent directions?

Why do I not have time for the special little things in life?

Why do *I* have to do so much?

Why do I *want* to do so much?

I still have several things I “have” to finish today… why? What is it that makes me so busy? Am I that important? Are the things I am doing that important? Much of the busyness revolves around people… Jesus never seemed… busy. What is it?? Must I cut out all the extra things I do for fun? (Star Trek, movies, Vintage Video game collecting & playing, random other fun things usually involving NFL football…) Or, do I need to cut out other things?

I am definitely frustrated.

I imagine you are too.

What should we do?

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